STUDENT WORK - Art Center College of Design, Pasadena CA
The rebranding and repackaging of Auto Zone encapsoles an exhilarating experience with expressions
of simplicity and professionalism. The concept of health and nutrition; will translate and establish Auto Zone
as the number one accessible choice in mobile maintenance.

The six key attributes based around the rebranding and repackaging were:
simple, professional, inviting, accessible, established, mobile


"Sesame Workshop partnered with IDEO to design a mobile software application that would function
as a utility app for parents and as an entertaining behavioral-development app for kids. The goal was to
deliver a “magical experience” for young families looking to ease the often difficult behaviors displayed
by 2- to 5-year-olds during routine activities, such as potty training, getting dressed, and going to bed.
In the app’s first 30 days on sale, Elmo made more than 4 million calls to kids. By June 2012, more than
20 million calls had been made and Elmo Calls was listed in the iTunes App Store as an
“essential” app for kids." (IDEO Program)

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STUDENT WORK - Art Center College of Design, Pasadena CA
The FunKtion portable skate helmet was inspired by key findings based on observations that
revealed a major unmet need. The research also revealed that simplicity was the key aesthetic
of the true skate culture. The helmet is fastened and unfastened like a corset: The user pulls
a bungee-like cord, allowing the plates to interlock and creating a tight and impact-protective shell
around the head.

This collapsible skate helmet is for street skaters and pure skate enthusiasts who are looking
for portability and style. It was inspired by key findings based on observation, revealing this major
unmet need. The research also revealed the demand for simplicity was the key aesthetic of the
true skate culture; explorations of skate culture and fashion led to the design.


STUDENT WORK - Art Center College of Design, Pasadena CA
Much of this process of my thesis was ideation through the written word. I began developing the love
for the written word as much as a sketch. The power in a words or phrase can express to a person just
as powerful as a sketch. Throughout my education at Art Center, I disconnected with words, turning
them into lines and shapes. As I close one chapter and open the next, find myself back where i started,
but on different planes. Turning what I once saw in 2D, into multiple layers and depths of a 3D context.


STUDENT WORK - Art Center College of Design, Pasadena CA
A Branding Strategies Class; with the core focus on designing a family of products that catered to
opportunities found through SWOT analysis and system matrixes. Research indicates opportunity
for the branding of Samsonite to outreach a younger target archetype. Rebranding and expanding
Samsonite’s image to a younger market archetype will instill the company as a lifestyle brand
choice for future business consumers.

To create a sub-line of lifestyle products for Samsonite, re-introducing the company as a brand
that identifies and connects with the business users of tomorrow. This resergence will create brand
awareness and loyalty to the new generation, capturing a large portion of the travel markets future
revenue stream.


STUDENT WORK - Art Center College of Design, Pasadena CA
This class taught a strategic approach to creativity that stimulated, encouraged and liberated
creative potential. Through in-class exercises, students learned how to break patterns, reframe
problems and apply new conceptual thinking into their work. The homework assignments were
designed to explore the theoretical components of creativity further and to discover individual
unchartered territories for new methods of problem solving. With the use of cross disciplinary
evaluation techniques students developed a better understand their own learning process and
the ability to apply them to expand their range of creative thinking skills.